"My Life in Oak Frame Building"

My working life began hand building oak framed structures within a derelict barn out in the Staffordshire countryside. Under the watch full eye of other experienced carpenters I had soon progressed as a leading figure both on site during assembly and in workshop fabrication. My design ideas within a team helped evolve methods of jointing, Glazing and ease of assembly. It was some seventeen years later that my drive to improve had vastly outgrown my current working surroundings.
Oak And Home Traditional Building had always been a distant dream of mine until the day came to start putting down the foundations to build and nurture my own company that implemented my work ethics and desires.
It was a sunny afternoon in the middle of September whilst working on an Oak framed house in Claverly where I concluded that I had every asset to turn my dream into a reality and Oak And Home Traditional building was born.
I began to fabricate Oak framed buildings out of a friends barn not too far from Bridgnorth and found the whole experience exhilarating, it is a real joy being able to take a step back from a completed structure that you have built with your own hands and that represents your life's work thus far.
Today Oak And Home Traditional Building has gained many lifelong friends as I along with the team have helped our clients turn their design ideas into the perfect oak framed buildings.
It has always been my passion and pride of work that have put me in good stead along my life and these very principles are the foundations that have been acknowledged by my working colleagues of today.

An Oak And Home Traditional Building is one that will be made with skilled and caring hands.

      " Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the works"

Darren Harris
Managing Director
Oak And Home Traditional Building Limited.
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